Alexandra Foscolou

Alexandra Foscolou
Researcher in the epidemiological MEDIS study
Harokopio University, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics. Athens, GREECE

Topic: Investigating the factors related to successful ageing of the Greek Population: Epidemiological Study Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, School of Health Science and Education, Harokopio University, Athens, Greece. 

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PhD thesis summary

PhD thesis title: “Investigating the factors related to successful ageing of the Greek Population: Epidemiological Study”.

People are ageing in a differentiated way, depending on the way of living, their exposure to risk factors, the genetic predisposition, the socioeconomic infrastructure etc. Taking for granted the fact that there are different paths of ageing, the understanding of the process and the vital factors of successful aging is crucial, not only because they all want to live more, but because they also want to live long and more importantly to be functional and healthy.

The aim of the doctoral dissertation is to investigate the determinants and the pattern of successful ageing in individuals over 50 years old, who live either in continental or insular Greece. The association of successful ageing with several lifestyle factors (physical activity status, smoking habits), Mediterranean dietary habits, psychological factors (depression), social isolation, as well as health care services combined with environmental factors (urban vs rural accessibility to health care services), is evaluated, in order to highlight the beneficial factors which could lead to health and longevity.

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Date of birth: 01/11/1989
Mobile phone: +30 6932621082

Alexandra Foscolou