ATHLOS Meeting

One of the main aims of the EU-funded ATHLOS Project is to create a harmonised data set that includes the longitudinal studies considered in the project. The ATHLOS partners involved in the first work-package «Creation of a harmonised data set» participated in a meeting held in Barcelona and organised by PSSJD. The event was attended by Dr. Isabel Fortier, who leads the Maelstrom Research.

Press release

The ATHLOS consortium will create and analyse a harmonised data set that includes the longitudinal studies identified, comprising more than 341,000 subjects. A meeting was held on 21st of December 2015 in Sant Boi de Llobregat (Barcelona) in order to discuss the advances in the creation of the harmonised data set and a possible collaboration between Maelstrom Research and ATHLOS.

The meeting was organised by the coordinator and leader of the Work-Package 1 (WP1) «Creation of a harmonised data set» (Parc Sanitari Sant Joan de Déu – PSSJD). Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) and SPRING Techno (SPRING) participated in the meeting as leaders of some of the WP1 tasks. The event was also attended by Dr. Isabel Fortier, a researcher at the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre where she leads the Maelstrom Research and DataSHaPER programs. Maelstrom Research is a initiative which develops methods and open-source software, facilitating data harmonisation and co-analysis across collaborating epidemiological studies.

The harmonisation approach used in ATHLOS will be retrospective, making use of existing data. Two open-source software applications called Opal and Mica, developed by Maelstrom Research, will be employed to store the original data sets, guide the harmonisation process, and create a web portal for the studies from the Consortium and the final harmonised database. Dr. Fortier proposed different ways to collaborate with ATHLOS, although all agreements which can be reached with Maelstrom Research must be discussed and approved by all ATHLOS partners.

ATHLOS Meeting