ATHLOS researchers at the DOHaD 2017


Menghan Gao and Ilona Koupil from the ATHLOS team at Karolinska Institutet presented research plans and new results from the Uppsala Birth Cohort Multigenerational Study at the 10th World Congress of Developmental Origins and Health and Disease (DOHaD) in October 2017.

The most recent results from Sweden demonstrate associations of birth characteristics with peri-menopausal disorders in women and substantiate the importance to study women’s reproductive health and ageing in a life course perspective.

Published abstracts:

  • Koupil I. Gender specific DOHaD and implications for women’s health. J DOHaD 2017;8(Supplement 1):S149-S150.
  • Gao M, Goodman A, Mishra G, Koupil I. Developmental origins of perimenopausal disorders: evidence from a Swedish cohort. J DOHaD 2017;8(Supplement 1):S319-320.


ATHLOS researchers at the DOHaD 2017