Hai Nguyen

Hai Nguyen


Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & NeuroscienceKing’s College London

Prior to joining the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience (IoPPN) at King’s College London, I worked as an Information Analyst at the Open University. I gained my first degree in Combined Social Sciences from Durham University and an MSc in Social Statistics from Manchester University.

Project summary:

Research into healthy ageing is becoming a priority in many countries as the ageing of their populations is accelerating rapidly. My PhD project, as part of the larger ATHLOS Consortium, is a response to this global phenomenon. It aims to describe the patterns of trajectories, determinants and inequalities of healthy ageing. In my PhD, I will investigate the characteristics of people who develop multiple chronic diseases (multimorbidity) and use an appropriate measure to project health outcomes of these people. My research utilises data from 20 longitudinal studies (the ATHLOS harmonised dataset), which comprises of 341000 participants. To achieve my objectives, I first contextualise multimorbidity in terms of prevalence and measurements. As such, a systematic review which examines the many different operational definitions of multimorbidity and how they affect the estimation of prevalence is currently underway. Multimorbidity prevalence and variations in its estimates are important because they affect the management of multiple chronic diseases and healthcare planning. Not having an operational definition and measure that accurately estimates the prevalence of multimorbidity may potentially result in over/underestimation of healthcare costs, hospital admissions and general disease burden. This, subsequently, hinders the effects of health interventions. Investigating multimorbidity prevalence is therefore of great importance when studying public health.

  • First supervisor: Dr Matthew Prina (King’s College London)
  • Second supervisor: Dr Silia Vitoratou (King’s College London)
  • Third supervisor: Prof. Martin Prince (King’s College London)

Contact details

Hai Nguyen

Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience

Health Service & Population Research Dept, PO36
Centre for Global Mental Health & Primary Care Research

David Goldberg Centre

London, United Kingdom

Email: hai.nguyen@kcl.ac.uk

Twitter: Hai_Nguyen22

Hai Nguyen