Natasa Kollia

Anastasia Kollia
Psychologist – Biostatistician – Nutritionist
Harokopio University, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics. Athens, GREECE

PhD Thesis writing on the subject of “Development of causal models in researching the social, psychological, and nutritional parameters associated with the incidence of cardiovascular disease. 10-year data collection for ATTICA study (2002-2012).”

Experience in the biostatistical analysis of research data

  • June 2017 – today
    Monthly contract with the Special Research Account of the Harokopio University for the purpose of qualitative evaluation and quantitative analysis of the educational process in the Applied Dietetics and Nutrition Program (a) data collection, (b) data entry and data management and c) the preparation of a report on the evaluation of the results
  • February 2017 – today
    Scientific collaborator at the ATHLOS project: Ageing Trajectories of Health: Longitudinal Opportunities and Synergies (Horizon 2020) with a three-year contract of employment and the purpose of applying multivariate methods of statistical analysis to the database for the emergence of healthy aging patterns.
  • September 2013 – today
    Scientific collaborator, as biostatistician at the University of Uppsala in Sweden, at the department of Women’s and Children’s Health and at the Psychiatric department.
  • May 2004 – today
    Creating and managing databases in large-scale medical studies (e.g. N=150,000 with 4,000 variables), statistical analysis of research data, presentation and interpretation of results for at least 300 dissertations and PhDs. Biostatistical analysis of data derived from studies conducted by private psychologists and private medical doctors. Biostatistical analysis of research data from the Endocrinology Department of Paidon Agia Sofia Children’s Hospital and in collaboration with the University of Uppsala (Sweden). Further information on these analyses is available upon request.

Experience as a Psychologist

March 2009 – today
Maintenance of private office providing individual counselling and psychological support in Agios Kirikos, Ikaria island.

Curriculum vitae

PhD thesis summary

PhD thesis title: “Development of causal models in investigating the relationship of social, psychological and nutritional parameters to the incidence of cardiovascular disease. 10-year follow-up of the ATTICA study (2002-2012)”

The aim of the doctoral dissertation is to investigate the relationship between social, psychological, behavioral and nutritional parameters in the 10-year incidence of cardiovascular disease in the ATTIKA study (2002-2012). As socio-economic factors, education and financial status are studied and as behavioral factors, smoking, physical activity and, above all, the psychological profile (depression, feeling of hostility, anxiety, hypochondriasis, unreasonable beliefs). All above, in the light of the adopted nutritional habits. Additionally, data from the ELSA study (English Longitudinal Study of Aging) are also used in order to explore the association of social determinants with healthy aging and mortality.

Although the literature on the individual relationship between dietary factors and the development of cardiovascular disease is particularly rich including valuable studies, data are comparatively less for the relationship between psychological and socio-economic factors and cardiovascular disease. However, the mechanism of cross-correlation between diet, psychology and socio-economic status in cardiovascular disease development has not been fully elucidated. Moreover, the attribution of causal relationships in this field is characterized as «cloudy landscape» in contemporary research.

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Date of birth: 1/10/1975
Nationality: Greek

Natasa Kollia