National Institute of Public Health (NIPH)

The National Institute of Public Health (NIPH), established in 1925, is a research institution for health promotion and disease prevention with specialities in epidemiology, microbiology, occupational medicine, consumer protection, health promotion and monitoring of environmental impacts on population´s health. The main activities of NIPH consist of scientific research, reference and methodological consultancy, expert opinion, systematic monitoring of the environmental health in the Czech Republic, and preparation of legislation in the field of health protection. In the field of health promotion and disease prevention, NIPH concentrates on the epidemiological surveillance of severe infections (AIDS, hepatitis, newly emerging and reemerging infections)and the promotion of a healthy life style (prevention of cardiovascular diseases, healthy nutrition, etc.). The Department of Environmental Health Monitoring is responsible for nationwide monitoring of the impact of environmental and life style factors on health.

Team members

Dr. Kubinova Ruzenais Director of Environmental Health Monitoring System. Since 1992 leads the national Environmental Health Monitoring System of the impacts of environmental and life style factors on health. She was involved in the INTARESE project FP6, WHO ENHIS and pilot EHES project. She coordinates the HAPPIE project in CR. Contact detail:



Michala Lustigova, PhD works as a demographer. She implements demographic methods in Public Health, focused on cardiovascular epidemiology and epidemiological modelling. Her research covers the whole range of areas, from communicable diseases to chronic conditions. Contact detail:



Dr. Nada Capkova works as an epidemiologist. Her main research activities are focused on behavioural, social, environmental and psychosocial determinants of chronic diseases. She is experienced in organization, realization and evaluation of population health examination surveys (HAPIEE, EHES). Contact detail: