Spring Techno GmbH & Co. KG



Spring Techno is an IT company located in the Germany. The company develops stateof- the-art software and cutting-edge products which are easily extendable and customizable. The main areas of expertise are data analysis and data visualisation technologies. Spring Techno develops intelligent algorithms for modelling, prediction and visual analytics. The company combines all these technologies into Business Intelligence (BI) solutions and Decision Support Systems (DSS).

Stefan Burkard (M) is a graduate engineer in computer sciences with a focus on software development, process measuring and control technology. From 1993 to 1996 he worked at the university of applied science Bielefeld (Germany), where he was responsible for the project ‘New technologies in electric powered mobility’. He worked for 5 years as software developer for German “Telekom”, developing client front-ends and server based communication control and big data processing. He developed several business software projects for the financial industry with the areas Data Mining and Machine Learning. CTO of Spring Techno since 2003, he is responsible for IT and software projects. These projects include the areas server, client and mobile application development (covering data processing, representation, visualisation and interfaces) as well as software-hardware communication (Internet of things).

Holger Arndt (M) is Managing Director at Spring Techno with 10+ years of experience in international R&D projects. His work focuses on pattern recognition, machine learning, trading system development and visual analytics. For Spring Techno, he designed the concept of three-dimensional media interfaces. He is author of several publications about financial market analysis and stock- and futures market trading, based on pattern classification. He has co-authored a book on technical market analysis and mechanical trading (Erfolgreich mit eigenen Handelssystemen. Finanzbuchverlag, 2005). He also developed algorithm-based automated trading strategies for Hedge Funds and brokers. He was guest lecturer at the Technical University of Stettin (Poland), implementing a proprietary stock market analysis system for scientific teaching purposes. In 2002, he received the M.Sc. degree in cultural sciences from the University of Hildesheim, Germany. Before co-founding Spring Techno, he worked with the German TV (MDR) as an editorial journalist for scientific and cultural topics. He is currently involved in the FP7 projects QUALIMASTER and WIISEL, and in the AAL Projects SONOPA and SOCIALIZE. At Spring Techno, he is responsible for product and business development, and for the management of national and European projects.