WHO Survey On Healthy Ageing

The WHO has prepared a public consultation on the priorities for research to support the implementation of the new 2016 strategy on healthy ageing. 

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The World Health Organization (WHO) adopted the Global strategy and action plan on ageing and health in May 2016 during the World Health Assembly. A key objective of the Strategy is to improve measurement, monitoring, and research on Healthy Ageing.

This survey is expected to be completed in 15 minutes and contains two short sections. It is part of an open public consultation that will help to identify research priorities to support the implementation of the new Strategy. WHO welcomes and encourages response from all institutions, groups and individuals with an interest in ageing and health. All responses are anonymous.

Results from this survey will be synthesized by WHO and may be used by WHO in discussions with governments, research funding institutions, those who could design and conduct research, and those who could benefit from research findings.


WHO Survey On Healthy Ageing