Workshop on Analytical Methods

The creation of a metric of health which can be compared across the different longitudinal studies and waves included in the Ageing Trajectories of Health: Longitudinal Opportunities and Synergies (ATHLOS) project is one of the most important aims to be achieved during the course of this EU-funded project. A meeting was held on September 29th-30th 2016 in the Harokopio University of Athens, Greece, in order to discuss analytical methods that can be applied in ATHLOS.


The Workshop on Analytical Methods held in Harokopio University was focused on the creation of a single metric of health and the development of statistical models to quantify trajectories of healthy ageing and their determinants. Alternative approaches were also presented and discussed, considering their possible use in the EU-funded ATHLOS Project.

Different approaches for examining health trajectories and innovative methods which could be applied to longitudinal data like those available in ATHLOS were presented by different researchers participating in the project. A general introduction of methods such as Factor Analysis, Item Response Theory and Machine Learning was provided during the workshop, focusing on the application of these approaches to the creation of a common metric of health. The use of micro-simulation models was other of the issues, indicating the ability of this framework to model alternative ageing scenarios.

The meeting was organised by Prof. Demosthenes Panagiotakos (Harokopio University), leader of the Work-Package 2 (WP2) “Development of analytical methods” and attended by researchers from the different institutions involved in ATHLOS. Information about the status of the project and the current tasks which are being conducted was also provided during the meeting.

Workshop on Analytical Methods