After the previous harmonisation workshops organised in Barcelona, a third one was held in Bremen. The two-day workshop was structured in two parts: while the first day was dedicated to the update of the status of the harmonisation process and a general discussion of the issues related, the second one was based on technical issues and a training taught by Maelstrom Research for developing algorithms and processing variables to be harmonised. The event was organised by SPRING Techno and attended by Holger Arndt (Managing Director at SPRING Techno and leader of this partner in ATHLOS) and researchers from different institutions participating in the project.


One of the aims of the EU-funded ATHLOS project is the creation of a harmonised data set, including the different waves of the longitudinal surveys considered in the project. A third workshop on harmonisation was held on 20th-21st of March 2017 at the World Trade Center in Bremen, Germany, and organised by SPRING Techno. The two-day workshop was coordinated by Holger Arndt (SPRING Techno) and attended by ATHLOS researchers involved in the Work-Package 1 (WP1) “Creation of a harmonised data set”.

General issues were presented during the first day, including an update of the harmonisation process. The final list of variables proposed to be harmonised was also reviewed, discussion potential problems found during the process, in different sessions coordinated by researchers from Parc Sanitari Sant Joan de Déu, the institution coordinating the project and leading the WP1.

The workshop was also attended by people from Maelstrom Research, who presented a general overview and some guidelines for harmonisation during the second day. Examples and software for harmonising variables were provided, and a training for developing harmonisation algorithms was conducted. ATHLOS researchers participating in the meeting, discussed the distribution of tasks at this stage of the harmonisation process and fixed the deadlines for the pending tasks in WP1.