Zakir Hossin

Zakir Hossin

PhD student

Department of Public Health Sciences, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden

Zakir Hossin was employed as a PhD student at the Department of Public Health Sciences in Karolinska Institute, Sweden since December 2016. He has an academic background in both sociology and public health. He completed his second Master degree in Public Health from Stockholm University in 2016 thanks to a Swedish Institute scholarship. Drawing on three waves of a nationally representative survey among the older Swedish population, his Master thesis focused on the temporal trends of the associations between chronic diseases and disability in old age. Zakir Hossin’s current areas of research interest include life-course and intergenerational research, social determinants of health, and population aging and health. He is also working as a managing editor for the European Journal of Public Health.

Curriculum vitae

PhD title: Early Life Conditions, Socio-economic Trajectories, and Health in Later Life

PhD thesis summary

Zakir Hossin’s PhD project sheds lights on the mechanisms through which the social and biological conditions in early life evolve over the entire life course and across multiple generations to produce and reproduce the patterns of health inequalities. The project aims to contribute with a novel approach to the expansion of our understanding of the developmental origins of adult diseases by focusing on the dynamic interplay between social and health conditions within and across generations. The project utilizes two large longitudinal datasets available within Sweden: the Uppsala Birth Cohort Multi-generational Study (UBCOS) and the Stockholm Public Health Cohort (SPHC). UBCOS is a register-based data material consisting of six inter-linked generations in Sweden whereas SPHC is a population-based survey carried out every fourth year since 2002 among the adult individuals living in the Stockholm County.

The proposed studies within the PhD project are as follows:

  • Study I: Early life socio-economic position and risk of deaths from cardiovascular diseases: A weighting approach to mediation analysis
  • Study II: Early life socio-economic position and cause specific mortality: A systematic review
  • Study III: Early life social and health determinants of socio-economic trajectories across two generations in Sweden
  • Study IV: Socioeconomic positions across the life course and morbidity and mortality in late life: A comparison of the life course models
  • Study IV: Cross-generational trends of the associations between early life risk factors and morbidity and mortality in adult life: An age-period-cohort analysis

Contact details

Karolinska Institutet

Stockholm, Sweden

Phone: +46704165236


Zakir Hossin